Vision for the Future
People are transformed by the integration of faith and health.

The mission of HMA is to encourage, support and develop whole-person ministries leading to the integration of faith and health.

HMA is an interfaith membership organization, serving the people who serve the Faith Health Ministry Movement

What we do: HMA supports members as they work toward an integration of faith and health.

  • Commitment to continue individual integration of faith and health Spiritual transformation

  1. Bringing different traditions to bear on the task of spiritual formation      
  2. Providing a place to share spiritual experiences leading to growth

  • Structure that facilitates individual (national, regional, local) access to mentors, ministers and other resources

  • Education and Development in Faith Health Ministry ("Faith-Health Movement")

  1. Skills
  2. Models
  3. Theoretical frameworks
  4. Multi-faith applications
  5. Access to information

  • Affiliation with an diverse group of like-minded people

  1. Fellowship
  2. Networking
  3. Information and referral to resources

  • Advocacy to build understanding and support for the Faith Health Ministry movement

  1. Addressing accountability and role issues
  2. Outreach to funding community
  3. System level partnerships

HMA promotes and supports the expansion of the Faith Health Ministry movement

  • Qualitative standards
  • Quantitative Measurements
  • Accountability benchmarks

HMA brings together people of faith who work to improve the health of people and the communities they live in

  • Annual Meeting
  • Regional meetings
  • Chapters
  • Sections
  • Symposia/Colloquia

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