Where to begin to find resources:

(1) Hotlines (2) Hospital Community Education Programs (3) Health Department (4) Drug Education Centers (5) Nutrition Programs (6) Services to Children, Families, and Seniors (7) Support Groups (8) Hospice (9) Pastoral Counseling (10) Community Colleges

(1) Health Clinics (2) Minority Health programs (3) Mental Health Programs

(1) Department of Health (2) Universities (3) Seminaries (4) Denominational Headquarters

(1) National Institutes of Health (2) Center for Disease Control (3) Carter Emory Center Faith & Health Partnership (4) Chaplain's Organization (5) Hospitals (6) AARP (7) Eldercare Locator (8) Administration on Aging (9) Department of Aging & Adult Services Administration

There are literally thousands of health-related Internet resources maintained by government agencies, universities, and nonprofit and commercial organizations. The Department of Health and Human Services suggests the following questions to help determine the reliability of a Web site:

  • Who maintains the site? Government or university-run sites are among the best sources for scientifically sound health and medical information.
  • Is there an editorial board or another listing of the names and credentials of those responsible for preparing and reviewing the site's contents? Can you contact them?
  • Does the site link to other sources of medical information? A reputable organization will not position itself as the sole source of information on a particular topic.
  • When was the site last updated? Generally, the more current the site, the more likely it is to provide timely material.
  • Are informative graphics and multimedia files available? If so, it should be used to help explain medical information, not substitute for it.
  • Does the site charge an access fee? If so, be sure it offers value for the money.
  • Search for toll-free numbers of health information (Healthfinder) from the National Health Information Center (NHIC). There are 35 pages of toll-free numbers to access health materials. One can also find specific information on almost any disease process.

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