Eldercare: The Best Resources to Help You Help Your Aging Relatives
By Marty Richards, MSW, ACSW (ISBN 1-892148-07-2)

  • Reviews of current resources-including books, websites, and more.
  • Insights and recommendations on resources for specific concerns or questions.
  • Guidance to ensure your time and money is well spent.

Healthy Congregations: A Systems Approach
By Peter L. Steinke (Alban Institute, 1996)

  • Chapters include principles of health, promoting healthy congregations, congregations at risk, infectious anxiety.
  • Excellent background for those who want to examine the health of the whole congregation as well as individuals.

Parish-Based Health Services for Aging Persons: A Guide for Healthcare Organizations
Available through Catholic Health Association 314-427-2500

  • Parish nursing figures prominently in the solution of problems challenging healthcare in the fast-growing population of those over 65.

A Health Care Provider's Guide to Islamic Religious Practices
Available by contacting Council American-Islamic Relations at 202-488-8787 or

  • Information about the religious rights of patients.
  • Details Muslim views on the role of faith in treating illness, dietary requirements, circumcision, autopsies, and funeral rites.
  • Islamic perspectives on abortion, organ transplants, and reproduction technology.
  • A guide for the accommodation of religiously mandated practices of Muslim patients.

Healthy People 2010
Available online, in print, and on CD ROM.

  • Understanding and improving Health (in print) explains the background, context, goals and leading health indicators for Healthy People 2010. Call 202-512-1800
  • Healthy People 2010 Conference Edition, Volumes I & II (in print & CD ROM) sets national objectives for the decade to increase the span of healthy life and eliminate health disparities for all Americans. 301-468-5960

The Journey Toward God: Healing & Christian Faith
By Rev. Dr. Kenneth Bakken (ISBN 0-8066-4048-0) Augsburg Press

  • Explores one's personal journey toward wholeness.
  • Five-fold process in healing.

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