Situation Analysis

Fourteen members (including 11 board members, 2 advisor members & 1 Chapter Officers) provided their input, through a questionnaire conducted by Rechtman Consulting Group, concerning the internal resources, external environment, and future direction of HMA. A summary of this feedback used to guide development of the strategic plan includes:

Internal strengths of HMA

  • Faith based
  • Diversity of membership and geography
  • Knowledge and commitment of members
  • Annual conference (education and networking)
  • Local chapters working closely with the communities

Areas needing improvement in HMA

  • Consistent communication with members and communities
  • Infrastructure and funding
  • Multi-faith diversity
  • Diversity of the membership and supporters (Nurse dominated)
  • Accountability and follow-through
  • Planning and focus
  • Depth and breadth of leadership

External challenges facing HMA now and in the future

  • Geographic expansion of membership
  • Maintaining the balance of faith and health
  • Increasing influence of changes in healthcare, especially managed care
  • Competition from other sources for volunteer's time and financial resources
  • Enhancing the professional image of health ministry within the community
  • Relationships among various members and their organizations

External opportunities facing HMA now and in the future

  • Building on the success of the national conference
  • The increasing community demand for health ministries (also a challenge to deal with this growth)
  • Using technology to increase communication and provide information and education to members
  • Collaboration with other organizations
  • Be "the" clearinghouse organization for health ministries
  • Increasing willingness of the Federal Government to support faith-based programs

Key needs of HMA's membership

  • Education & development
  • Knowledge (information resources)
  • Networking/fellowship
  • Peer support
  • Best practices (to get started)
  • Spiritual inspiration


Strategic Objectives

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