Prioritized Strategies

To enhance implementation of the strategic plan, the board agreed to seven strategies that should be implemented during the first year of the plan. These strategies include:

1. Improve access to HMA's service and support networks. (PROGRAM AND MEMBER SERVICES OBJECTIVE)
2. Establish and staff a national office with sufficient equipment, resources and staff, including an Executive Director, to conduct the following activities: (INFRASTRUCTURE AND OPERATIONS OBJECTIVE)
3. Use grants to fund implementation of the strategic plan. (FUNDING OBJECTIVE)
4. Provide resources, linkages and leadership to enhance the chapters' ability to provide members with.(INFRASTRUCTURE AND OPERATIONS OBJECTIVE)
5. Provide conceptual frameworks for individuals engaged in Faith Health Ministry. (PROGRAM AND MEMBER SERVICES OBJECTIVE)
6. Implement a public relations strategy that generates high level coverage of the Annual Conference and related activities. (MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVE)
7. Implement marketing strategies that can increase chapter membership and participation. (MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVE)

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