Dear Prospective HMA Chapter,

On behalf of the Board and myself I would like to thank you for your continued commitment to HMA and your interest in forming a new HMA Chapter. Your work is admirable. Please donšt hesitate to request any help that we as a board may offer to make this effort smoother for all involved.

Included here you will find links to all of the information needed to get you started in your work of chapter formation. Please forward any questions you have to me and I will answer them as quickly as I can. Also, please fill out all the applicable forms completely and return these to the address listed at the link for the HMA Chair for Chapter Development.

Concerning the Chapter Bylaws. We recommend that these are adopted as written and the Chapter Development Chair must approve any changes made before chapter formation is approved.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Your Servant,

HMA Chair for Chapter Development

HMA Chapter Roster

New Chapter Information:

Letter to Prospective Chapters
Guidelines for New Chapters
HMA Chapter Application
HMA National Chapter Bylaws

Chapter Annual Report Forms:
Financial Report Forms
Officer Roster Report Form
Chapter Activity Report
3 Digit Zip Code Prefix Area Designation Instructions

Annual Chapter Reports:
Report Instructions
Financial Report
Officer Roster Report
Chapter Activity Report
Annual Report Extension Form

To Chapter Contacts


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