Bylaws of the Health Ministries Association, Inc

Article I : Name

The name of this Corporation is the Health Ministries Association, Inc. (HMA), hereinafter referred to as the "ASSOCIATION."

Article II: Purpose

The ASSOCIATION is an international and not for profit interfaith membership organization committed to encouraging, supporting and developing whole person ministries in places of worship and in communities they serve in order to:

A. Enable understanding, cooperation, and new visions for healing and health ministries in faith groups:
B. Assist congregational members to move toward whole person health: body, mind, spirit and relationships;
C. Provide leadership to congregations in developing the health ministries role in their faith community;
D. Promote understanding of whole-person health through consultation, education, networking and the provision or resources;
E. Affirm all persons engaged in health ministry programs;
F. Collaborate with organizations that share the HMA Goals.

Article III: Offices

The ASSOCIATION shall have a registered office and a registered agent as required by the Iowa Nonprofit Corporation Act.

Article IV: Membership

Any individual, group or institution who shares the purpose and mission of this association may be a member by submitting an application and annual membership fee.

Article V: Dues

A. Annual Membership dues of the ASSOCIATION are determined by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS;
B. Renewal fees are due annually on October 1;
C. Any member whose dues are not received by January 1 will be removed form the membership roster;
D. Membership privileges will be reinstated when current dues are paid.

Article VI: Privileges Of Membership

A. Membership in this ASSOCIATION is contingent upon compliance with requirements set forth in these Bylaws;
B. Each individual member shall have one vote, may hold office, serve in an elected or appointed position or as a member of a committee;
C. Each congregational member will be entitled to two individual memberships with all rights and privileges of individual membership
D. Each institutional member will be entitled to five individual memberships with all rights, and privileges of individual membership;
E. Each individual member shall receive the ASSOCIATION benefits as determined by Board of Directors.


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