Completion and Mailing - All reports are due on or before Oct. 1st. The completed reports and forms should be returned to the HMA Chair for Chapter for Development. DO NOT mail the forms to the national office. Mailing the packets to the office will require that they be forwarded slowing the report process.

Annual Financial Report - The intent of this report is to list the income and expenses for the chapters with descriptive listings for these categories. Include a listing of all chapter accounts with the requested information. If the chapter's assets exceed $2500 then three months of financial statements for all chapter accounts must accompany the report.

Annual Roster of Officers Report - Please submit a complete listing of the chapter officers. If elections are impending, please provide the current officers and the new ones after their election to office.

Contact Person - All chapters are required to provide an email contact person for the chapter. Ideally this would be the President/Chair or Secretary. Others may be used if the officers are unable to fulfill this duty. This is a concession to the information age and the reality that email is a great time and money saving tool. Email also serves as a useful tool for the sharing of information between chapters and the national, between the chapters, and for potential members to contact the local chapter.

Annual Chapter Activity Report - List all chapter activities and/or programs for the last HMA year.

Annual Report Deadline Extension - If your chapter is unable to complete the Annual Report materials Oct. 1st then the application for the report deadline should be completed with a brief explanation concerning the need for an extension. To get an extension the application MUST be received by Oct 1st.


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