Application for HMA Chapter formation is accomplished by submitting to the Chair for Chapter Development the following items:

A. Completed Chapter application.
B. Chapter fee of $25.00(A one time chapter origination fee)
C. List of Chapter purpose and goals.
D. Copy of adopted chapter bylaws.
E. Contact person with Name, Telephone number, Address, and email address.
F. Roster of officers including Names, Addresses, Telephone numbers, & email addresses.
G. Membership roster (including potential members).
H. Completed 3 Digit Zip Code Prefix Area designation forms.

When completed chapter application forms are received and approved by the HMA Chair for Chapter Development, the new chapter will receive a Certificate of Chapter Formation, a letter of welcome from the HMA President and Chapter Development Chair, and the national office will provide a listing of HMA members and prospects in the chapters designated area.

The HMA National Chapter Bylaws are available from this site. These Bylaws will govern your Chapteršs operations and Chapteršs organizational structure. It is strongly recommended that these Bylaws be approved by your Chapter membership as written. The HMA Chair for Chapter Development must approve any change in these Bylaws before Chapter formation is approved.

Chapters are required to make a financial, chapter activity, and chapter officer roster reports annually. A report packet shall be sent to the Chapter contact person sixty days prior to the report due date. Any Chapter late with the annual reports thirty days after October 1st shall be deemed delinquent. As of January 1st of the following year any chapter that remains delinquent with their annual reports will, at the discretion of the HMA Chair for Chapter Development, have their chapter charter declared invalid. After January 1st of the following year, chapters whose charters are declared invalid may apply for chapter charter renewal per guidelines contained in the HMA National Chapter Bylaws.

The chapteršs name shall reflect the geographic area of the chapter and HMA affiliation. (i.e. HMA Chapter of Southern Arizona, HMA of Northeastern Ohio Chapter, Greater New York Chapter of HMA).

HMA is a not-for-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If supportive documentation is needed for chapter records or business, contact HMAšs National office at 800-280-9919.

Chapters are encouraged to submit quarterly news articles of their activities and plans to Connections newsletter. This information will be used as space allows.


HMA Chapter Roster

New Chapter Information:

Letter to Prospective Chapters
Guidelines for New Chapters
HMA Chapter Application
HMA National Chapter Bylaws

Chapter Annual Report Forms:
Financial Report Forms
Officer Roster Report Form
Chapter Activity Report
3 Digit Zip Code Prefix Area Designation Instructions

Annual Chapter Reports:
Report Instructions
Financial Report
Officer Roster Report
Chapter Activity Report
Annual Report Extension Form

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