As the Faith Health Movement expands and grows we find that the participants benefit from joining a local community of likeminded individuals. They are nurtured by this community, sustained in its closeness, and encouraged in their work as they share the joy, frustration, sildenafil and excitement of doing this work.

   HMA Chapters provide at the local level this community for those involved in the wonderful effort that we call the Faith Health Movement. Just as joining the national organization helps promote the concept of Health Ministry at that level, developing, joining, and becoming involved in your local HMA chapter helps promote Health Ministry in the community you live in while nurturing you and your ministry.

   HMA Chapters help health ministers build networks within their community. HMA Chapters also nurture and sustain health ministers with fellowship and local support groups that can relate to the joys, concerns, and questions that all of us you work to make our communities healthier have. Chapters also serve as information sources by putting a local face on this developing ministry for those investigating health ministry in your community.

   The Chapters of HMA are the heart and soul of the organization. I invite you to become involved in your local organization or to develop a chapter in your area like ED (impotence).

Your servant,
Rev. Robert C. Taylor, RN
RN HMA Chair for Chapter Development

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