Prospective HMA Chapters,

The United States Postal Service 3 Digit Zip Code Prefix system is used to designate the area that your chapter will encompass. HMA uses this information to define your chapteršs area into workable components that will aid the national in membership chapter assignment and the definition of chapter areas.

Please follow the instructions and submit the map(s) and requested information with your chapter application materials.


1) Obtain copies of the map(s) of your proposed chapter area from the "National Five-Digit Zip Code and Post Office Directory" at your local United States Post Office.

2) Determine the area on the map that represents your chapteršs area of service and membership then highlight or outline this area on the map.

3) List on the reverse side of the map all the 3 digit zip code prefixes that fall into your chapteršs area.

4) As much as is reasonably possible, within the constraints of your area geography, your chapteršs workings, and other chapter areas when known, claim whole 3 digit areas. A division of these areas will necessitate using the full 5 digit zip codes and this should be avoided when possible. NATIONAL


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