Chapter Bylaws of the
Health Ministries Association, Inc.,


    Article IX
    Chapter Records

    Section 9.1. Records: The chapter shall keep correct and complete records of account(s) and shall also keep minutes of the proceedings of its Board of Directors, Executive Committee, general and special meetings, and committees. The chapter shall keep at the registered or principle office a record giving the names and addresses of the members entitled to vote.

    Section 9.2. Inspection: Any member or member’s agent may inspect the books and records of the chapter for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.

    Section 9.3. Record Review: The financial records of the chapter shall be reviewed annually by person or persons other than the chapter treasurer, finance committee, or persons with fund disbursement signature authority. The report shall be presented to the members at the first regular meeting following the completion of the review and submitted with the chapter’s annual renewal material.


    Article X
    Fiscal Year

    Section 10.1. Fiscal Year: The fiscal year for the chapter shall begin on October 1st of each year and shall end on the following September 30th.


    Article XI
    Chapter Status

    Section 11.1. Chapter Status: The chapter shall state the intent to continue its chapter membership with Health Ministries Association, Inc. annually on or before October 1st of each calendar year. The chapter shall annually submit to the HMA Chair for Chapter Development the following:

    11.1.a. Chapter Membership Intent form.

    11.1.b. Annual Financial Report.

    11.1.c. Annual Chapter Activity Report.

    11.1.d. Copy of the current chapter bylaws.

    11.1.e. A roster of officers and membership with contact information for the officers.

    Section 11.2. Non-renewing Chapters: The chapter, if it has not renewed its chapter status, shall be deemed late thirty (30) days after the annual renewal date of October 1st. On January 1st of the following calendar year, if the chapter has not renewed its chapter status it shall be declared invalid and will be automatically disbanded with all records, financial records, and assets declared forfeit and must be surrendered to Health Ministries Association, Inc. within thirty days.

    Section 11.3.Reinstatement of Non-renewing Chapters: Chapters that have been declared invalid may reapply for chapter status prior to October 1st of the calendar year they are declared invalid by submitting the required renewal materials to the Chair for Chapter Development. The reinstatement of an invalid chapter requires the approval of the HMA President/Chair, Chair for Chapter Development, and Treasurer. Chapters applying for reinstatement after October 1st of the calendar year they are declared invalid must follow the application process for new chapters.


    Article XII
    Amendments to the Bylaws

    Section 12.1. Amendments: These Bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new Bylaws adopted by the affirmative vote of two-thirds (B ) of those members present and voting at any regular meeting of the chapter, or special meeting of the chapter called for that purpose. Notice of the meeting setting forth the proposed amendment or a summary of the changes to be effected thereby shall be delivered to each member of the chapter at least ten (10) days prior thereto by written notice delivered by the United States Postal Service at his/her address as shown by the records of the chapter. Such notice shall be deemed to have been delivered on the date that the notice, properly addressed, is deposited in the U. S. mails, postage prepaid. Any amendment to these bylaws will be effective only after it has been approved in writing by the HMA Chair for Chapter Development of or by such other person as the HMA Board of Directors may designate. Such approval shall be based upon whether the proposed amendment is consistent with the purposes and goals of HMA.



    Article XIII


    Section 12.1. Adoption: Adopted at a meeting of the _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter of the Health Ministries Association on the _______ day of ___________, _____________.


    President/Chair’s Signature / date

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    Secretary’s Signature / date

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