Chapter Bylaws of the Health Ministires Association, Inc.

Article XIV
Standing Committees

Section 14.1 Chairs of the Standing Committees will be elected for two-year terms and will serve on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. The Standing Committees shall be: Fund Development, Membership, Resources, Public Relations, Chapter Development, and Practice and Education.
Section 14.2 The Fund Development Chair, and the Membership Chair and Practice and Education Chair will be elected in EVEN years. The Resources Committee Chair, Public Relations Chair and Chapter Development Chairs will be elected in the ODD years.
Section 14.3 Each Committee consists of the Chairperson and current members of HMA. The Chairperson will select the members of the Committee.
Section 14.4 The Chair of the Personnel Committee will be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Article XV
Special Committees

Section 15.1 Special Committees may be appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.


Article XVI
Dutiess of All Committees

Section 16.1 A majority of members PRESENT at a meeting or conference call meeting will constitute a quorum.
Section 16.2 Committees will submit a written report to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS upon completion of action, or as requested by the President;
Section 16.3 Requests for action by a committee will be submitted to the Board of Directors.
Section 16.4 A committee chair that does not fulfill the duties and responsibilities may be removed by the Board of Directors.

Article XVII
Nominating Committee

Section 17.1 The Nominating Committee will consist of three members elected every two years at the annual meeting and have alternating terms.
Section 17.2 The Nominating Committee shall elect their Chair or may be appointed by the President.
Section 17.3 The Membership Chair acts as liaison from the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

Article XVIII

Section 18.1 HMA recognizes duly formed chapters organized locally by HMA members.
Section 18.2 HMA Chapters will be organized per geographic area.
Section 18.3 HMA Chapters will organize and have a charter issued by the HMA Chair for Chapter Development per the National Guidelines for Prospective Chapters found in the Policy and Procedure Manual.
Section 18.4 HMA Chapters will support, promote, and abide by the mission, goals, and by-laws of HMA.
Section 18.5 HMA Chapters will submit annual reports to the HMA Board of Directors.
Section 18.6 Chapters may use the HMA logo and tax exempt status as outlined in the HMA Guidelines in the Policy and Procedure Manual.
Section 18.7 Any Chapter not complying with the Guidelines established by the Board of Directors may have their charter revoked.


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