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Keynote Speakers

Benjamin S. Carson, MD

A young black doctor holds a special knife in his hand, hoping to save a life. Just a few years earlier, this same young man held another kind of knife in his hand and almost ended a life. From an angry street fighter in Detroit whose mother married at the age of 13, young Ben, known for his vicious temper, was clearly headed in the wrong direction in life. Today, as the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery in one of Americaıs leading hospitals, he inspires and saves lives. His greatest desire is to inspire people to use their intellectual potential to achieve success in life. His autobiography, Gifted Hands, chronicles the road from a broken home, dire poverty, a pathological temper, poor self-esteem, and horrible grades to his life today. Dr. Carsonıs second book, THINK BIG, elaborates on his philosophy for success in life. His latest book, The Big Picture, offers an up-close look at a professional surgeonıs life- and his unique perspectives on priorities, race, society, success, and living out a life of faith in a complex world. A native of Detroit, Dr. Carson received his undergraduate education at Yale University and his medical degree from the University of Michigan School of Medicine in 1977. He served surgical and neurosurgical residencies and fellowships at Johns Hopkins, and also trained at Sir Charles Gairdner in Western Australia.

Rabbi Irwin

Katsof Rabbi Irwin Katsof runs 30 miles a week and works out with the former New Jersey Nets strength and conditioning coach to keep in shape. He has also taken up scuba diving. Katsof is motivated by a deep belief in the harmony between a healthy body and spirit. ³People pay a trainer to keep them fit, to stretch them, get them to lift more weights, reach their physical potential,² said Rabbi Katsof. ³I see myself as a spiritual trainer. My job is to get you to stretch you horizons, do more, see the world differently; exercise, expand and nurture your soul.² Rabbi Katsof began his spiritual quest at the Jesuit Loyola College in Montreal, graduating magna cum laude in Applied Psychology in1978. Upon graduation, he won the Father Patrick G. Malone medal for Outstanding Community Involvement and Scholastic Achievement and set out to teach for the Jesuits in Darjeeling, India. He took a detour to Israel and ended up studying for three years at Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalemıs Old City, a stoneıs throw from the Western Wall. He is the Executive Vice-President of The Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, an international educational organization dedicated to awakening the Jewish people to the power and beauty of their 3500-year heritage. This Orthodox rabbiıs unorthodox approach continues to provoke ever-growing numbers of people to accept the spiritual challenge he offers.

Diann Uustal, RN, MS, Ed.D.

Dr. Uustal is the founder and president of an educational consulting firm, Educational Resources in HealthCare, Inc. and is a nationally recognized educator, and consulauthortant. As a clinical ethicist, she is experienced in consulting with hospital ethics committees, conferring in problematical clinical-ethical cases, reviewing and writing policies, and helping establish new ethics committees. Dr. Uustal has authored numerous articles in health care values and ethics, professional issues in nursing, and caring for the caregiver. Her workshops and contributions in the areas of the ethic of care, clinical ethical decision making, ethical issues in healthcare and caring for the caregiver are widely recognized in the nursing and medical professions. Dr. Uustal received her B.S. in nursing from the University of Rhode Island and her M.S.N. from the University of Massachusetts. She earned her doctoral degree in education majoring in ethics and values in health care at the University of Massachusetts. In 1994, Dr. Uustal completed a yearıs post doctoral fellowship in clinical-bioethics as a Visiting Fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

Other Presenters:

Gail E. Kittleson, B.A., M.A-
Gail is the creator of the Sometimes Line, a ministry/small business providing caring resources for the bereaved and their caregivers. Surviving and blossoming creatively through traumatic loss experiences has given her hope and encouragement to bring to people in transition. The author of A Grief Magnified and a teacher of English as a second language and creative writing, her work with individuals suffering profound loss colors her presentation. Gail is a believer of the ìpower of the wordî experienced through journaling during difficult transitions in life.

Bethann Witcher, Ph.D.- Dr.
Witcherıs 6-hour pre-conference, Sacred Spaces, Sacred Lives, will examine multiple meanings of sacred space: the sacred space within each of us, the sacred space of community, and the sacred space of place. As a doctor of nutrition, Bethann has enjoyed a 20-year adventure in international health education and community development. She currently provides health education and leadership training for health professionals in the United States and throughout the world. Her focus is on understanding the WHO definition of health as encompassing the physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions of life.

Barry Kibel, Ph.D.-
Dr. Kibel is chief designer and major consultant for the implementation of Journey Mapping, an internet-based evaluation and management tool. It is currently being used by parish nursing/health ministry programs throughout the United States. This 3-part session will provide participants with an in-depth understanding and appreciation for journey mapping. Part I will provide an introduction to the approach; Part II will consist of a guided tour of the Internet application, with special attention focused on parish nursing, health ministry, and community health programs. Part III will be a panel discussion. A group of parish nurses and other community health program coordinators with at least one yearıs experience with Journey Mapping will share their experiences with the tool. Pre-Conferences

Pre-Conference Presenters

Pat Cane, Ph.D.-
Pat will be presenting two 3-hour pre-conferences. Her topics will include Trauma Healing and Transformation and Healing Ourselves, Healing Our World. Both sessions will deal with utilizing body-mind-spirit practices in transformative work. As founder/executive director of Capacitar, an international project in multicultural wellness education, she works nationally and internationally in the area of personal and societal healing and transformation. She has a Ph.D. in Multicultural Wellness Education, an M.A. in Counseling Psychology, and a B.S. in Biological Sciences. Her ministry focuses especially on work with women, the underserved, and people affected by violence in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

Diann B. Uustal, Ed.D.-
Dr. Uustalıs 3-hour pre-conference will focus on clinical ethics and values, especially as they pertain to end-of-life issues. Dr. Uustal is a nurse and clinical ethicist experienced in consulting in clinical-ethical cases. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in nursing, and earned her doctorate in education majoring in the area of ethics and values in health care. She completed a yearıs post doctoral fellowship in clinical bioethics as a Visiting Fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University. She is founder and president of an educational consulting firm, and is a nationally recognized educator, author, and consultant.